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MVLmedia now provides all virtual staging direct to the agents via their agent dashboard. No more back and forth emails to agents, virtual stagers. No more wrong room choices. No more headaches. We handle the entire virtual staging process with our in-house staging team and deposit revenue instantly into your account.

How It Works?

Agents Order Virtual Staging Themselves

Virtual staging is now available in the "Agent Dashboard". Agents can order virtual staging directly from their single property website photo gallery or they can upload their own photos. Photographers who use our platform never have to be part of this process anymore. We handle it all.

Select The Virtual Staging Furniture Style

The agent clicks on the new top menu in their dashboard called “Virtual Staging”. Step 1 is to select the furniture style from our furniture library. We have the most updated and modern furniture library in the business. They have many choices and samples to choose from.

Agents Select The Photos From SPW Gallery

Agents have the option to choose photos from their single property website (if they have been provided one from their photographer).

They simply select which SPW they want to have some photos virtually staged.

OR Upload Photos Directly From Your PC

If an agent wants to order virtual staging of photos that are not on one of their single property websites, no problem. They simply upload them in option 2 of the ordering process.

The Selected Photos For Staging

Once the agent has selected the photos they want staged, they now have a few options.

They 1st select the "Room Type" from a dropdown menu so our editing team knows exactly what type of room this should be.

They also have the option to remove 1 or 2 small items, or even totally renovate and remove all items to create a new room.

Submit Order & Make Payment

Once they have completed all the ordering steps, they are sent to our payment page. After they have successfully made payment their order is sent to our editing team and the order will be displayed in "Jobs In Progress"

Once the job is completed they will be sent an email notifying them that the job is completed and they can view the job under the "Jobs Completed" menu button.

Jobs are processed between 24-48 hours or less.

Real Estate Photographers Decide What Their Agents Pay For Staging

Photographers set the price the agent will pay for each photo staged. We have a revenue sharing profit per photo table that we offer to photographer.

To View Profit Sharing Table

Virtual Staging Samples

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