Our Video
Editing Service

Was Built By Real Estate Videographers for Real Estate Videographers

• No More Late Nights!
• Get More Clients


Some sample videos of our editing services…

The #1 reason real estate videographers do not want to outsource their video editing is they don’t think another editor could ever produce the same style and quality they could.


Our editing team have been trained by top professional real estate videographers across North America. We worked with some of our most successful real estate photographer companies and their videographers to create this exclusive service.

This is no Fiverr or Pixlmob service where they list a bunch of freelancers, and you spend days, weeks, and months of trying to find one good editor. We specialize in real estate property videos, Instagram reels specific to the real estate market, and offer a premium video editing service at a very affordable price.


Every new client that signs up we will personally call once they place their 1st order and go over the entire process to ensure they are getting the service they were looking for. We encourage all clients to find a few real estate videos and or reels that they have seen online that they loved, and we will produce the same style and quality those videos have.

Elevate Your Videography Skills With
Our Drone
Circle Hyper Lapses

Once local real estate agents see these insane drone transitions your phone will blow-up with new bookings. As an exclusive video editing client of ours, you will learn exactly how to shoot these.

Increase Your Monthly Revenues
With Social Media Listing Reels

Cinematic Reel

Split Screen Reel

Agent-Follow Reel

Social media reels are a great addon to your services and can definitely attract more clients to your business. Short 30 or 45 sec reels are a fantastic new marketing tool for your Instagram account.

We suggest to all our clients to search real estate agent IG accounts for the best property reels and send them to us so we can add these styles and techniques to our training. We are not just a service, we are part of your team.

What Our Clients
Are Saying…



I just wanted to reach out and say how much I appreciate your work. I have just started doing video for my clients and the video from the last two jobs 1) 156 High Winds, Yarmouth and 2) 26 Woodward Dr, Falmouth have been absolute amazing. You are making my life so much easier. I really appreciate you guys!


Thank you, Greg, for creating this video editing service. Your team is simply amazing. Some of the jobs I get back, I can’t believe they could do that. I am getting clients back that went to another competitor that was offering video. They saw my new videos and they love them. Keep up the great service.


I have been using the MVLmedia platform since 2009 and I did not even offer videos until Greg introduced me to this new service, they created over 2 years ago. It really has changed my business and my life. I now have the entire family doing videography and we are the #1 real estate videography company in our area. Every time I see a nice video, I like online, I send it to Greg, and they train their staff to duplicate the same techniques. We do 5-10 videos now every week. Thank you guys, you are truly the best.